At Nice Salon & Spa, you can get a haircut for the whole family. Our hair salon is experienced and equipped to handle women’s haircuts as well as hair cuts for kids and men.

We offer a variety of shape up’s and men’s haircuts. We provide the men of Hayward, CA with excellent hair services. Whether you are looking for a military haircut or straight edge ups, we are here to assist you. If you are unsure what you would like to have done to your hair, don't worry. Our hairdresser can go over many different options with you until you find a style you love.

We are a high-end beauty salon that not only provides exceptional customer service, but also encourages each hair stylist to stay up-to-date on industry trends and hair services. Our highly experienced and skilled staff are amazing with styling, hair highlights, and more.

We provide our cutting edge services for your whole family. Whether you need some hair coloring done or your children’s hair need a little trim here and there, Nice Salon & Spa is the first rate hair establishment to cater to you and your family’s stylish needs. If you are interested in learning more about our hair services, call Nice Salon & Spa in Hayward, CA today!